Alassio Sport Fest

Alassio Sport Fest

Not for chance in the first year of its life, in 2014 the Network decided to organize a sports event called “Alassio Sport Fest“: it was done in order to give visibility to the Network itself, and to settle for the first time a series of sports activities which have been organized from that date onwards the whole year long. The Netwok’s proposal is represented by a one- or two-night B&B stay in one of the affiliated accomodation facilities, combined with a series af available sports activities already arranged by the Network itself, all together given at a low and favourable rate.

The Network is provided with its own sports equipments, which for the firts time have been used during the Sport Fest but which are from that date onwards always available. Its main aim is to organize permanent sports activities the whole year long, with the support of an expert staff either local or coming from outside Alassio.

Click here for the the Sport Fest’s complete programme.

Free workshops of pumptrack, slackline and parkour, arranged by famous international athlets and instructiors, Shiatsu and Yoga Village on the pier with free lessons and treatments (by Shiatsu School Tao Dao and Essere Yoga e Benessere) music and entertainment in Piazza Partigiani arranged by Radio Babboleo, Birra Point available in Piazza Partigiani.
Guest stars of the event, the sportsmen Nico Valsesia, Mirko Celestino and Gianfranco Sibello.

Some of the sports activities available in Alassio and Laigueglia must be booked and payed in advance.
For further information visit the section rates.

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