Description sports activities

Description of activities

Kayaking: guided excursion for individuals and groups: advanced booking is required – on request available guided tours of the Gallinara Island and Punta Murena – in collaboration with Winterkayak.

Canyoning: half day spent in a torrent, descending the current supplied with the necessary and compulsory safe equipment, wetsuit, helmet and a harness, in gorge deeply hollowed out by water, trespassing waterfalls, rocks jump, small mountain lakes – transfer with a 8-seat van is included in the price – in collaboration with Ass. “Movimento e Natura”.

Climbing: half day spent in the nicest rocks of the area (Cisano, Toirano and Finale Ligure) suitable for every level of difficulty, from the most difficult for experts to the easiest for beginners, always accompanied by alpine local guides. Transfer is included in the price. In collaboration with Finale Ligure Guides’ Association.

Nordic Walking: to walk on the nicest and most panoramic paths of Baia del Sole with a gorgeous view on the bay, helped and sustained by sticks; it an activity suitable for everyone, even for not very well-trained people, for children and for over 60 – in collaboration with the Ass. “Qui Laigueglia”.

Orienteering: a competitive sport in which runners have to find their way across rough country with the aid of a map and compass. It can be practised individually or in team; it is suitable for families, sportsmen, children and represents a funny way to spend some time among the trees and on the paths in the Adventure Park Solleone in Alassio.

Paragliding: a thrilling tandem flight starting from The Adventure Park Solleone, from Poggio Brea, overlooking the sea; every passenger is accompanied by a qualified instructor up the arrival on the beach of Alassio and Laigueglia, in order to live an unforgettable experience suspended between earth and sky.

MTB, Hiking, Trail: starting from the Adventure Park Solleone it is possible to reach Alassio and Laigueglia by the MTBs given in use by the Network, also accompanied by qualified instructors on the nicest and most panoramic trails for a half day excursion, in order to improve the downhill techniques, to have fun with the family and to spend a pleasant day in the countryside.

Diving: to be worn with a diving suit, aqualungs and mouthpiece and to become the protagonist of a “sea baptism”, the first plunge into the crystalline sea of Alassio accompanied by a qualified instructor. During the Alassio Sport Fest all this was organized at the bathing establishment “ultima spiaggia” – in collaboration with “marina diving”.

SUP: it is a water sport activity consisting in a short pole with a wide, flat part at one end or both ands, used for moving a waterboard through the water. The sea of Alassio is ideal for this kind of activity, also suitable for children. A short course held by qualified instructors before prectising, allows to learn how to paddle in order to enjoy oneself safely. In collaboration with Tortuga Beach.

Seascooters: Alassio gives the opportunity of enjoying oneself riding on a powerful seascooter driven by highly qualified instructors belonging to the Sea Rescue. K38 is the name of the society which organizes the training for first aid operators with seascooters. During the Sport Fest it was possible to make an excursion brought by one of them starting from Passeggiata Cadorna – in collaboration with K38 italia.

Sailing boats, yachts: the best way to enjoy the sea is by sailing a boat or making an excursion on a motor boat: during Alassio Sport Fest it was possible to be accompanied in a guided excursion by qualified operators of CNAM, the local Nautical Circle. One of the special guest of the event was Gianfranco Sibello, a olympionic sailing champion who for the firts time accompanied and taught onboard the sailing techniques. CNAM Alassio also disposes of motor boats suitable for a maximum of 8-people crew: it is a different way to live the sea which allows to admire the bay from a different point of view. In collaboration with CNAM Alassio.