The Idea

The idea at the basis of the Network Alassio Fun&Outdoor arises from the desire to create a new tourist product able to give value to the existing local business, in order to begin a collaboration which allows to share and to take advantage af all the experiences locally collected up to now, especially concerning hôtellerie and accomodation, catering, sports and leisure activities. Its main purpose is to discover, to improve and to give value to the great variety of services Alassio can offer and so to make them available for those who choose Alassio as their holiday destination. It is a new concept of the town, which is now promoted as a resort able to satisfy every kind of tourism, either formed by sports experts or only enthusiasts, being always supported by a qualified staff.

Who We Are

The Network’s know-how and its management are held by the society Leospit of Alassio, owner of the Adventure Park Solleone and experienced in the organization of outdoor activities and sports services in the area. The other members are represented by some affiliated accomodation facilities and restaurants of Alassio, together with the owners of some local sports societies; thanks to the variety of its members, the Network is able to include every kind of tourist proposal, so that a convenient and inviting offer can be created and given at special rates. The Netwok is open to any further participation which might occur, also if coming from outside Alassio.


The Network arranges, in particular periods of the year, combined tourist offers created by the combination of accomodation capacities, catering, sports activities. Alassio and its surrounding area offer plenty of choice concerning outdoor: for this reason the Network manages to satisfy the most demanding sportsmen, sports’ enthusiasts and families who want to try non-conventional sports like paragliding, canyoning, rock-climbing, rope courses on trees, together with traditional ones already available in the area.


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Activities Rates

Combined Offers


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